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Care Guide

Knowing how to care for a leather/exotic skin belt properly is essential to extending the life of your belt. If you treat your belt with the care and attention it deserves, it will serve you faithfully for a long time.

Here are some helpful tips for caring for your leather and exotic belts.


Before you invest in a belt, make sure you know your Torino size, For some useful tips on how to find your size, take a look at our size guide.


Avoid heat and humidity, as damp and humid environments can sometimes damage leather or cause it to mildew/mold. Preferably keep belt flat, or hang it straight.


Coil belt loosely with the lining on the inside. Start with the buckle end, so the buckle ends up protected in the center of the coil. DO NOT store or pack your belt by bending back and forth and securing with rubber bands, as this will damage your belt.


Conditioning products contain essential ingredients that protect your belt from drying out and will deter dirt or stains. Apply conditioners with a dry soft cloth. Remember to condition your belt in moderation, as applying too much can change the coloring by darkening the leather. We recommend mink oil or a conditioner specifically for leather products.


If your belt happens to get wet, we recommend blotting it with a towel and letting it dry naturally. Hang your belt in an open area at room temperature, leaving it to air dry. DO NOT try to accelerate the drying process by using heat sources, such as hair dryers, clothes dryers, or by placing it somewhere in direct, hot sunlight. This could result in your belt becoming hard and brittle, not to mention damaged.


Certain regular attention must be given to your belt to protect its attractive characteristics. To clean your belt, simply wipe it down with a clean dry cloth. The fabric part of a belt may be spot cleaned with a dry cleaning solvent, or mild detergent sparingly. Test in an inconspicuous area first for colorfastness.